Condé Nast is collaborating with HP to deliver print-to-home services for subscribers to titles including Allure, Details, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, Self and Wired.

HP said it also intends to launch a pilot subscription service, dubbed HP Instant Ink, to automatically deliver replacement ink to customers for a flat monthly fee.

"This project is one of the many ways Condé Nast is using emerging technology to engage customers," Julie Michalowski, senior vice president, consumer business development for the publisher, said in a statement.

The companies said the service will be launched on a trial basis to consumers at the end of October.

"The purpose is to find out what content is resonating," Annette Friskopp, HP's head of inkjet web systems strategic account management, told News & Tech.

Via widgets on the various magazine websites and on HP's ePrintCenter page, users will be able to download the necessary tools to receive content to any printer, not just HP devices, Friskopp said.

HP struck similar deals with news organizations in 2009 and 2010, including MediaNews Group, USA Today, Reuters and Yahoo, to offer on-demand content to Web-enabled printers engineered to let consumers tell the devices what, and when, to print.

Known as Scheduled Delivery, the service now includes such content as puzzles, advice and astrology (see News & Tech, June 2009 and Dateline, July 29, 2010).

"One thing we've learned is that Scheduled Delivery is very compelling and very sticky," Friskopp said. "After six months of use, 40 percent of subscribers are still subscribing to that content."

The Condé Nast content will initially be offered for free, but HP plans to test whether users would be able to pay for other, premium-type content, according to Friskopp.

She said users that sign up to receive Condé Nast content don't have to sign up for the Instant Ink program, however users that opt for the ink program can save up to 50 percent on ink.

"We recognized that customers are concerned about the rising cost of ink and we wanted to create a program where they could get their ink on a monthly basis for a flat fee."

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