The Los Angeles Times is mulling the development of a new crop of digital subscription initiatives that could include the launch of a metered paywall.

While the daily wouldn't comment specifically on the paywall, a scheme first disclosed by blogger Ed Padgett, a Times spokeswoman told News & Tech that the newspaper is examining a variety of ways to "capitalize" on its content.

"The millions of people that visit Tribune's websites and utilize our mobile offerings throughout each day value and rely upon our content," she said. "Much like the digital subscription initiatives unveiled at The (Baltimore) Sun and Morning Call in Allentown, Pa., market-specific plans are under way across Tribune and the Times will be testing a variety of tactics with consumers to better capitalize on our unique content."

The Sun and Morning Call each launched their metered paywalls Oct. 10. They are the first Tribune Co. properties to craft digital subscription strategies that include metered access to their website content; a Tribune corporate spokesman told News & Tech that the company has issued no directive to its dailies to institute metered plans groupwide.