The salaries of Patrick J. Purcell, publisher of the Boston Herald, and other officials at the paper were listed as part of the Boston Herald's Chapter 11 filing, the paper reports

Purcell got $970,092 in the year before the Herald filed for bankruptcy in December 2017. Purcell also received membership to a golf club and clearance to use a company vehicle.

“I continued to pay myself what I was earning previously at News Corp.,” Purcell told the paper. “I took some raises, same as everyone else. When there were no raises, I took no raises.”

Finance and operations executive Jeff Magram received $652,904 over the same time, the filing says. Purcell said Magram’s pay was gauged given “the outstanding job he did in negotiating various contracts.”

Purcell’s daughter, Herald advertising executive Kathleen Rush, got $155,320 in the year before the filing, including a monthly $1,100 “cash auto allowance.” Purcell daughter Kerry Stanton, a Herald food writer, got $68,009. Erin Purcell Gallo, another Purcell daughters, was paid $41,992. Purcell’s son, Patrick J. Purcell Jr., was paid biweekly amounts of $160 for the six months prior to the bankruptcy.

The company owes $31 million. Among other debts, it owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid payments to its employee pension plans, the paper said.

In December, Purcell said the company had an agreement from GateHouse to buy the paper in a court-run auction that’s expected to drop the paper’s pension and severance obligations.

The auction has been set for Feb. 13.

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