In today’s digital landscape, offering a multitude of products to your advertisers is crucial to the growth of the media buying and advertising industry. Site Impact’s Private Label Email Data & Technology solutions have been powering major marketing and media companies for nearly 10 years. Offering in-house developed technology, Site Impact streamlines an advertisers capabilities from selling a standard print ad in the paper to providing geo-targeted, hyper-local, email marketing and digital advertising. 
“The biggest challenge facing today’s media companies and advertisers is how they will expand their capabilities to offer email marketing and digital marketing services without the infrastructure,” says Brandon Rosen, Site Impact’s Chief Executive Officer. “Email marketing in particular is an essential part of any modern marketing package. By utilizing one or two full-service sources who can handle everything, media companies and advertisers add great value to their business.”
One of the biggest differentiators of Site Impact is the custom-configurable platforms that simplify the email marketing process. First, the Site Impact database is comprised of 140 million+ opt-in emails with 300+ lifestyle and interest selects. With our service, retrieve a list from our Counts System with the ability to target an audience by segments including: age, gender, geo, HHI, levels of interest and more! 
Site Impact
Next, upload, review and approve campaign orders in an Order Management System. Finally, track the results of your campaigns with a real-time Tracking Platform (pictured here). In this tracking platform, you can see clicks by device and browser as well as assess your best and weakest performing links within your email. 
With Site Impact’s private label email marketing services clients gain an entire digital marketing and production team at their fingertips as well as gaining access to one of the largest, most ‘hygienic’ databases in the marketplace, unheard of competitive wholesale pricing, real-time reporting as well as custom API’s and integrations. 
“Simply said, email is the most cost-effective way to reach your advertiser or client’s most engaged customers in your target markets,” says Rosen. “Site Impact is the solution that can elevate your advertising and marketing plan and Site Impact executes this for you the easiest way possible.”
For more information or to start your email campaigns call 561-685-8991 today!

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