The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel installed a UV curing system on its Koenig & Bauer AG Commander press, becoming the first U.S. paper to adopt the technology for doublewide printing.

The Journal Sentinel tapped Prime UV for its air-cooled UV curing system, which has been placed on one tower of the paper's 18-tower, three-press configuration.

Prime UV introduced the curing system in 2010, engineering it to work with both doublewide and triplewide presses. The system was designed as an alternative to inert nitrogen atmosphere systems used to cure webs through high-speed presses.

Because the system doesn't require water or other components necessary to support inert ultraviolet curing, installation and operational costs can be reduced by more than 50 percent, Prime UV said.

Prime UV's system can emit up to 600 watts per inch, thus ensuring rapid curing.

In addition to the Journal Sentinel, Prime UV has a similar system installed on a Solna doublewide press at a Chinese newspaper and a KBA doublewide in Moscow.

In North America, Transcontinental Inc. has an inert UV curing system installed on a triplewide manroland press at its site in Montreal.

Herold Druck und Verlag AG in Vienna, Austria, was the world's first paper to install UV curing on a doublewide press, putting into production an inert UV system in 2007.

News & Tech will have more details about the Journal Sentinel's installation in the next issue.